medical terminology for court reporting

Medical Terminology is an important academic for court reporting students in order to be able to recognize and spell the medical words that may be heard during testimony in depositions and/or courtrooms during trials. There may be times when you will be taking depositions of medical doctors who will be most likely speaking in medical terms when giving testimony. It's important to have at least a basic understanding and familiarity with these words in order to be able to write the correct medical terms that the doctors might be saying. Quick Medical Terminology is a self-teaching book for those looking for a simple source.

A valuable court reporting program is designed to reinforce medical terminology and build keyboard speed from dictations on medical transcripts and other related material, including medications, nuclear medicine, laboratory and x-ray procedures.

A proper course of study includes medical dictation at various degrees of speed. The dictations should include words that are peculiar to the human anatomy, including skeletal structure, medical prefixes and suffixes. Dictation should also be given for examinations, diagnoses, laboratory investigations, patient history, operation reports, medical records and autopsy reports.

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Often called "stenographers" as well, court reporters are the ones who are looked to to ensure that all the spoken words and gestures in a proceeding are recorded - and to produce an accurate transcript of those. Also referred to as the "guardians of the record," court reporters must be fair, responsible and reliable.