Legal terminology for court reporting

A firm grasp of legal terminology is an important tool for any person working in the legal field - that includes an attorney, paralegal, and of course the court reporter. It's essential that court reporters are proficient in recognizing, utilizing and spelling legal terminology, since it comes up quite often during court and deposition cases.

An effective course will help the students master unfamiliar keying patterns and enhance the development of computerized shorthand skills.

Students studying legal transcription, court reporting and legal terminology will encounter many books on the subject. "Legal Terminology for Transcription and Court Reporting" helps the student become someone who is proficient in the legal language, becoming familiar with the vocabulary of judges, attorneys, jurors, witnesses and other parties in court and depositions. Court reporting students will master all the skills needed to produce a transcript that correctly reflects court proceedings, depositions, hearings, legal stipulations and meetings. These skills contribute to creating an accurate record and are an important step for all aspiring court reporters and transcriptionists.

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Court reporting is such an exciting and rewarding career. Job opportunities are growing each year! Recent job market studies have shown court reporting to be a career with great expansion and a high potential for income - it's a highly desirable field of study. Keep in mind that it's not a simple program - it takes a lot of hard work to become a professional stenographer. It requires time, dedication and drive to succeed.