Do I Need court reporting academics?

There's more to court reporting school than just learning how to write fast on the steno machine. Although that's a huge part of it, the academic classes you take will help round out your education and make your job much easier. Many steno academics are a requirement to obtain a court reporting degree, while others may be electives or not count towards completing a program.

Where do I go?

  • Court Reporters Reference Books

    Court Reporters Reference Books

    Prepping to take the WKT portion of the RPR or CSR? Great study guides!

  • speedbuilding

    Speedbuilding Source

    Still need to focus on building your steno speed? SimplySteno has you covered!

quick Academic reference sites

Sometimes you just need a quick answer to an academic question! The reference sites below give a good overview of English vocabulary, medical terminology and legal terminology.

  • legal terminology

    Legal Quick Reference

    A firm grasp of legal terminology is an important tool for any person working in the legal field - that includes an attorney, paralegal and, of course the court reporter.

  • medical terminology

    Medical Quick Reference

    If you can learn the prefix, root and suffix meanings of medical terminology, you'll be able to identify and understand medical terms you have never even heard before!

  • court reporting vocabulary

    Vocabulary Quick Reference

    The editors of Learner's Dictionary have identified 3,000 English words that are most important for students to know. Learning them will create a solid knowledge base!

court reporting documentary...

For the Record

Court reporters, live captioners and CART providers strive for the world speed record in court reporting in this fascinating look at the world of stenographers, the “keepers of the record” from the Nuremberg trials to 9/11. Since its world premiere at SxSW, For the Record has screened at Hot Docs, Sarasota and Red Rock Film Festivals.